This is an instructional guide detailing the cause for an overheated 120 Volt GFCI Head on a Plug & Play Spa (includes Portables and Acrylics).

The main cause for an overheating GFCI Head (aside from extension cord use) is a poor connection between the wires and the terminals.

This can be due to a loose terminal screw, a poorly inserted wire, insulation being inserted into the terminal, etc. 

A poor connection prevents the correct amount of contact which can cause the wires and terminal to heat up resulting in a melted plug and/or burnt wires inside the shell.

NOTE: Do not plug the GFCI into an extension cord. Your spa should be plugged directly into a dedicated household outlet to reduce chances of damage.

Please also ensure that the plug makes full contact with the outlet.

If water gets into the GFCI plug, it will cause it to trip. Be sure to protect the plug from rain/snow.

To ensure that we can provide you with the correct assistance we require that you send through the following pieces of information to Customer Service:

  • Original purchaser information (full name, shipping address, telephone number, where product was purchased from)
  • Copy of proof of purchase (showing date)
  • Purchased product (name)
  • Pictures of the issue (location where GFCI was plugged in, outside of the plug, inside of the plug)
  • Picture of manufacturer's plate/serial numbers. ACRYLIC SPAS: Located on the outside of the spa panel on a steel plate. PORTABLE SPAS: Serial number on the white label on the control unit which starts with "CSC" AND serial number on the outside of the tub liner which starts with "JL"

Once we have received this information we will be able to proceed with processing your request.

Please note that if any repairs or modifications are made to the product without the consent of a Canadian Spa Company representative the manufacturer's warranty may be considered void.

For instructions detailing how to open and/or replace the GFCI Head, please see the solution "How To Replace a GFCI Head on a Plug & Play Spa".