This is an instructional guide detailing the steps to reset the "Service Filter Reminder".


If your Portable Control Unit (PCU) is emitting a steady "Beeping" sound and is not displaying an error code it has entered into the "Service Filter Reminder" stage.



The Portable Control Unit (PCU) found on most of our Portable Hot Tubs utilizes a Pleated Cartridge Filter for maintaining water cleanliness. Over time the filter will need to be either cleaned or replaced depending on use. Some earlier versions of the PCU were designed with a timed reminder that would emit an audible beep to "remind" you to check the Filter. This reminder is solely based on the amount of time the PCU has been in operation and does not actually monitor the filters condition.

In order to RESET and silence the SERVICE FILTER REMINDER press and hold the Filter Button for approximately 5 seconds. The "BEEP" will stop.


A clean Cartridge Filter in good condition is crucial to your Hot Tub's water quality and PCU performance therefore we highly recommend regular monitoring and maintenance of the Cartridge Filter. Although a Cartridge Filter can be rinsed and/or cleaned it is highly recommended to replace with a new Cartridge Filter to assure good water quality and PCU performance