Thank you for your interest in our different delivery options! The following applies to Acrylic spas only.

A Basic Curbside Delivery is the standard option that is included in the cost of the spa (free!).

The spa would be delivered to the end of your driveway on the scheduled delivery date. You would be contacted to arrange this date when the spa has been shipped and arrives at your local terminal.

The final positioning and installation of the spa would have to be arranged with a third party in this case. 

An Advanced Backyard Delivery* option is also available but would be an extra cost. This delivery package includes the following:

  • Movement and placement of your spa on to your pre-existing base** along with alignment of your hot tub to your desired orientation 
  • Removal and disposal of all excess packaging included with the spa (including all plastic, straps, cardboard and pallet wrap). Disposal of the large steel skid will also be performed at no extra cost 
  • Installation of all included and/or purchased accessories and a basic walk through of their operation
  • Bonus inclusion of a $120 Deluxe Chemical Kit to help get your spa up and running immediately. This kit includes Spa Shock, Chlorine Granules, Stain and Scale Control, pH Up, pH Down, Spa Clear, Foam Free, Alkalinity Booster and Test Strips 

Since every backyard is different, we would require measurements and pictures in order to provide you with the right service.

If you wish to get a quote, please click here to fill out our Backyard Delivery Form and start this process.

*May not apply to remote locations, in which case a Basic Curbside Delivery would be the only option.

**The flat, level, solid base must be arranged through another party and be present before delivery. Delivery does not include electrical installation. 

In order for the warranty to remain effective, the spa must be installed by a licensed electrician.